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Whats the benefit of working with a chartered Accountant ?

Hiring a Chartered Accountant means that you have a dedicated ‘business partner’ who can advise you in not only financial and tax decisions for your business but to make sure your business has a bright future. Read more below....

Below are the benefits of having a Chartered Accountant:

  • Sound and accurate advice – they can address all matters large or small with accuracy to ensure that your needs are met

  • Regulated by a professional body means that they are bound by a code of ethics and standard of professionalism. This also means that they are required to take out professional indemnity insurance as well as undergo regular compliance to ensure that they are still meeting the standards set

  • Broad experience – this ensures that they have minimal blind spots in their knowledge of business and ensures that they’ve built a strong business acumen in a wide variety of business situations

  • Integrity – this offers peace of mind in ensuring that your financial reporting and business practices are being conducted according to the law and in the financial interests of your business first

  • Business growth – Chartered Accountants are often involved in advising on minimising risk but also on identifying and guiding you through growth opportunities such as purchasing of assets, employment/payroll or freeing up capital to invest in growth

  • Massive savings in tax and time – Chartered Accountants can help with reducing your tax liability while simultaneously saving you time with secretarial and reporting obligations you have as a business. This can significantly reduce your worries and afford you more time to focus on running your business.

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